Hip Mobility and Recruitment for an improved squat

I. Functional Assessment

• Perform non-cued squat

• Perform full deep squat


II. Functional Movement Presentation

• Knee Valgus

• Tibial External Rotation

• Lumbar flexion/posterior pelvic tilt

• Lumbar reversal fault (butt wink)

• Forward trunk

• Knees forward

• Decreased hip mobility

• Decreased ankle mobility


III. Problem List

• Weak/tight hip external rotators

• Tight hip adductors

• Weak Lumbar extensors

• Weak hip flexors

• Tight hamstrings


IV. Corrective Squat Biomechanics

• Feet placement: shoulder width apart/slightly outside

• Toe alignment: neutral/5-12 degrees ER if necessary

• Spinal alignment: braced in neutral (two-hand rule)

• Femoral ER torsion force

• Supinated/stable foot

• Knees outside of feet movement

• Upright/vertical trunk movement


V. Stretches

• ER Table stretch

• Pigeon stretch

• Warrior stretch

• Goalie stretch

• Hip opening band stretch (supine against wall)

• Executive hip stretch


VI. Exercises

• Squat rack barbell squat

• Wall squat

• Box squat

• ER theraband


I. Other Considerations

• Heel lift

• Load position

• Low-bar back, high-bar back, front, overhead

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